Best Review for NaviForce Watches in 2020

The Naviforce is a watch manufacturing company and brand founded in China in 2012. Naviforce watches were originally intended for men and women of the military, however, they’ve deviated a little into contemporary fashion and sport watch designs. Naviforce watches scream of high quality, optimal functionality and you don’t have to be scared of water when they are strapped to your wrist.

This Naviforce Watches Review will take into account a number of properties and review criteria that will encompass everything you need to know about the Naviforce watches. So if you are ready, let’s ride on.

Top 10 of Best Selling NAVIFORCE Watches on Amazon in 2020

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NAVIFORCE Digital Stainless Steel Military Quartz Clock Wristwatch

NAVIFORCE Nylon Strap Wristwatches Men’s Quartz Sports Watches

NAVIFORCE Original Genuine Leather Quartz Date Week Waterproof Sports Watches

NAVIFORCE Digital Stainless Steel Military Quartz Clock Wristwatch

NAVIFORCE Stainless Steel Waterproof Men’s Sport Watch Analog Japanese Quartz

NAVIFORCE Watches Review – What You Should Check

The subheadings below will do justice to virtually every part of the leading Chinese brand of watches.


It comes enclosed in a transparent plastic pack. When you open it up, you’ll find the watch, a designer’s label which displays the brand name and that doubles as your warranty which is an international warranty (1 year). There is also the user’s manual in it to guide you. It is written in English, not the best you can read though. Overall, the packaging might leave you disappointed.


There isn’t anything spectacular about the design, perhaps its military agenda behind its manufacturing is plausible for this. It features a black, brown and gold dark color theme which can stress you a little in telling the time. There are no number markings, so you have to make do with your experience as a clock time checker to understand the time. Words are negligible on the inside, just the quartz, and water-resistant branding visible. There is a date as sub-dial on the right side void of month and day.


The Naviforce watches come with stainless steel on both front and back cases. The stainless steel used in them is scratch resistant and built to last. One of the highlights of these watches is their water-resistant nature which offers up to 30m depth in resistance while immersed in water. They are light in weight despite their rigid stainless steel build and won’t inconvenience your wrist in any way.


Simplicity is the word for Naviforce watches. Asides from checking date and time, there isn’t more to these watches. You can adjust the date and time with the crown by the side.


As expected, leather was the material used and this leather screams of top-notch quality. This leather isn’t the kind you see all the time. It can withstand a lot of harsh conditions that might cause other leathers to peel, wrinkle or break apart. These straps are thick and durable, the color is ideal and it can retain its position after a series of maneuverings.


At $17, the Naviforce watches are relatively affordable and you won’t have to strain your purse to get one. Suitable if you are on a tight budget and you need something durable.


In conclusion, let’s look at the overall pros and cons of the Naviforce watches.


Relatively affordable
Water and scratch-resistant
Quality leather straps
Moderate design


Substandard packaging
They could do better with the colors. Adding a light color like sliver would brighten the theme up.

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