Friendship Bracelets – A Great Gift For All

In last few years, the popularity of friendship bracelets has grown so much that now it is not only limited among the kids and teenage groups, but also these are meant for adults. These bracelets are a great medium to celebrate the years of strong friendship between two people. Not only in terms of rich artistry and styles, these bracelets are also rich in significance and history.

bond of friendship bracelet

Friendship Bracelet – Its Origin

Those colorful bracelets at first originated from Central and South America to celebrate friendship. According to the tradition, the bracelet is tied on the wrist of a friend who wishes for something. Usually, it is believed that once a friend is tied the knot of friendship, you have to wear it until it is worn out with time and drops by itself. And when the bracelet falls off, it is believed that at that moment, the wish of that friend will come true.

However, since its origin, friendship bracelets have gone through several conversions. The first metal friendship bracelet was crafted by the Native Americans whose evidence is still found in the design of traditional friendship bracelets.

Friendship Bracelets – Different Types

Different places celebrate the bond of friendship in different ways. Therefore, you may find different types of friendship bracelets that undergo through the on-going trend and style of a particular place.

  • Handmade Embroidered Bracelets: These kinds of bracelets are considered as the most popular bracelets since these are pocket-friendly and are exchanged among the friends of young groups.
  • Metal Bracelets: Usually this type of bracelets is seen among the adult groups where numerous types of designs and metals are used to manufacture those bracelets. Some are available with cuffs where the other pair has its key to unlock the cuff.
  • Charm Bracelets: These special bracelets are made of gold metal, beads and charm metals to make special occasions.
  • Exclusive Bracelets: Friendship is the bond of love, long-lasting relationship, trust and closeness between two people. Therefore, some people prefer to choose unique kinds of friendship bracelets made of expensive metals and stones. Nowadays, the trend of diamond friendship bracelets is quite popular where you will be able to see myriads of designs and styles on white or colored diamonds. In fact, if you want to celebrate the bond of friendship in a completely exclusive manner, choosing a personalized diamond studded friendship bracelet for your friend is an amazing idea.

Friendship Bracelet – Its Significance

The piece of jewelry is the reminder of your friendship and commitment towards your friend. It has a great significance for the friends who can express their love and commitment to one another through this medium. It has a long-lasting effect. If you choose those metal bracelets, especially diamond friendship bracelets, you can wear them anytime and anywhere when you can cherish the love of your longtime friendship with your bestie.

DIY Heart Pattern Friendship Bracelet

Celebration of Friendship Day

We celebrate several observances throughout the year; however, among them, one of the sweetest and most lovable days is Friendship Day that is celebrated every year on first Sunday on the month of August. This day is especially dedicated for the friends who exchange special gifts, cards and tokens like friendship bracelets. So why don’t you choose to celebrate this Friendship Day in the most unique way by choosing an amazing gift like diamond friendship bracelets.

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