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If your journey into yoga and fitness, in general, has been miserable and unsuccessful so far, then the Asana Rebel App comes with some fine promises to improve your situation and help you achieve results within a short time. 7 days of the trial can give you some impactful results. This review will shed light on the Asana Rebel Yoga App with its highlights and lowlights. The end of every review is to give potential patrons of a brand the opportunity to make informed decisions on following the brand in question. This review is ultimately going to achieve that.

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To simplify things, we will look at the highlights (pros) and lowlights (cons) of the Asana Rebel App and if you are looking for yoga apps or fitness apps to assist you in the quest for fitness and health, then you have an option. Before we go into all of that, here are some things you should know about the Asana Rebel App.

  • It’s a yoga and fitness app.
  • It’s a paid app, you can subscribe for 3 months ($15 per month), 12 months ($6 per month) or for a lifetime ($448). Your choice.
  • You can download it on Google Play Store and Apple store for free.
  • You can burn fat, stay sexy, practice yoga, build muscle, stay fit and happy with this app.

Highlights of the Asana Rebel App

Dual Package (Yoga and Fitness): It’s the ultimate app for yoga and general fitness. In it you can will all sorts of workout programs and workout classes to attend and participate in. This app will not display empathy towards you just because you are tired like you’ll do to yourself, so you are in for some discipline which is key to staying fit. However, there will be time for warm-up and relaxation.

Free 7 Day Trial: After downloading, you get a seven (7) day trial version of the app. Within seven days, you can do a whole lot of workouts and yoga practices before making up your mind to pay for the subscriptions. If you aren’t impressed with it after seven days, nobody stops you from opting out.

Excellent for Beginners and Experts Alike: If you are just starting out with fitness and/or yoga, this app is a good place to start and gain proper footing. Assorted workout programs are waiting for you. In no distant time, you’ll start noticing marked changes in your looks. There’s even a body toner program, cleansing detox yoga, and energy booster program.

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Lowlights of the Asana Rebel App

This would go in bullets because it will be brief and clear enough.

  • The yoga classes are static; they don’t change unless you update the app.
  • You can’t fast-forward or rewind a session. So you need to be patient to wait until a session is over no matter how boring you think it is and fast as well to keep up with the pace of an ongoing session or class.
  • There is no refund policy surrounding payments. Once you are in, there’s no going back.
  • It can lag especially if you are using a low ram smartphone.
  • The network can mess things up for you a bit and it can gulp a lot of data. You will need a Wi-Fi connection.


Well, the Asana Rebel App seems to be more plagued than blessed and to be on the safe side, you can opt-in for the 3 months subscription and see how it works for you. Who knows? You might have a different user experience, just don’t go for a yearly plan unless you are satisfied after 3 months.


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  1. They no longer an offer for free trial, it’s now pay and pray. After reading some negative reviews in ITunes (glitches, frequent crashes, etc.,) I am going to hold off until I have a chance to test drive.


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